Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone has a structure with much higher energy than normal atmospheric oxygen (O2), which is generally in two atoms in the atmosphere. Ozone is a source of the atmosphere and a high-energy state of oxygen. The source of the blue color of the sky, the ozone has been proven by scientific research in recent years how important ozone is to life on Earth

Ozone, which is so important to the world, also takes a much more important place in the medical world day by day. With ozone treatment, successful results are reached in the treatment of many diseases, from cancer to diabetes, blood pressure to kidney diseases. Ozone gas used in treatment is produced from pure oxygen in medical ozone generators. Ozone produced is always used in a mixture with oxygen in treatment. All ozone treatment methods are intended to give ozone to the patient in a reliable and harmless way. The doctor who administers the treatment chooses the appropriate and necessary method for his patient with his knowledge and experience. Ozone treatment has a wider area of application than any drug has ever had. Ozone treatment with no side effects can be applied to anyone. It does not have side effects and does not interact with any medication. Therefore, ozone treatment is applied successfully as a very practical and useful natural treatment method.

Ozone Treatment has medical legality (validity) in 16 countries around the world. This treatment is also accepted by health ministries in many countries. (Cuba, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, etc.) The application was accepted in the waist and entered the ttb’s fee tariff.

Ozone therapy is not \”Alternative Medicine\”, but an effective treatment method whose biatihi effects are scientifically proven by hundreds of studies. There is a lot of evidence that ozone treatment or \”blood washing\” is used in many diseases, as Germans say. The most important feature of ozone therapy is that it can be given to the body in different ways, specific to the patient and disease.

Major Method: The most widely used method is to take 50-200 ml of blood and give it back to the person after the dose is mixed with the specified ozone.

Minor Method: 2-5 cc of blood taken from the person is mixed with ozone in a specified dose and injected into the muscle.

Ozone gas is given to the body cavities: Through rectal – makat, ozone is given by spraying vaginal and earways.

Ozone gas is given into the joint: A certain dose of ozone gas with a suitable needle in joint disorders is to be given into the joint.

Ozone is a natural treatment method that protects people’s health and restores deteriorating health, and is not a treatment that is outside or against classical medical methods. It can be applied alone in addition to all treatment methods or according to the problem.

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