Pore Tightening

Pores are the access point of hair follicles and sebaceous gland canals to the skin. Pores allow the fat called sebum, which protects the skin from external factors and bacteria, to be transported to the surface of the skin. The fatness rate and genetic properties of the skin are effective in the width of the pores.

Some skins based on genetic features have more active sebaceous glands. The sebum is produced too much and thus the pores grow. When you have large pores, infections, bacteria and make-up particles become easier to seep into your skin. When particles fall below your primary skin layer, they may or may not cause skin reactions. Since incision is not helpful at all, a laser system to minimize large pores or chemical peels and methods such as dermapen are used in treatment for the purpose of narrowing the pores.

It is possible to tighten the pores permanently with CO2 fractional laser or Q-swidged Nd-yag laser treatment.

A reaction does not occur after the spectra laser procedure and the person can return to daily life immediately. This treatment aims to make the skin look well-groomed and beautiful.

After the procedure with EcO2 laser, 3-4 days long almost slight redness or pinkness is seen. At the same time, skin renewal is applied.

This is applied to the facial area.

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