Treatment For Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a reaction to lower body temperature when it increases. It’s also a reaction where toxins are ejected. Sweating is a very healthy and necessary mechanism. it tries to maintain the difference between internal and external heat.

The cause of this problem should be determined before starting treatment. Firstly, the patient’s weight status is examined. The medications he takes and any ailments are reviewed. It is the first simple treatment recommended for the patient. They aim at eliminating hyperhidrosis medication, ointments and sprays. Surgical treatment is applied in cases where this method does not work. This treatment should be applied by the plastic surgeon.

Botox, which has been used all over the world for aesthetic purposes in recent years, is used as a treatment for excessive sweating. With botox treatment for armpit, hand and foot sweating, the stimulation that cause sweating in that area can be reduced within a certain period of time. The effect is not permanent. It is applied in the form of injections with needles inside and under the skin of excessively sweating areas. Since the pain will be high in extremely sensitive areas, substance injection is performed in these areas under local anesthesia before botox injection or topical anesthetic substances can be applied. After the necessary numbness is achieved, botox can be applied to areas with excessive sweating. Decrease in sweating occurs within 1 week. It does not pose any other problems except mild redness and pain. Very rare allergic conditions may occur. Therefore, the operation should be performed under the right conditions by an experienced aesthetican.

This is applied to the armpit, hand and foot area.

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