Mesohyal™ Dermal Filling


Mesohyal is third class medical device (dermal filler) series which is the largest CE-marked. It is used in intracutaneous applications for facial and body treatments. These are compatible, safe, effective products and are used for skin aging and personalized correction of the most specific disfigurements. They have long-term effects that instantly and increasingly improve skin appearance. Using these products in combination with other medical methods (botulinumtoxin, fillers, laser, etc.) is ideal for optimizing the results.

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They are a wide range of products that can be used in combination with individual or personalized cocktails.

All mesohyaldermal fillers can be used together.

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First, the specific needs of the skin are determined, then the most appropriate active ingredient is selected and a personalized treatment program is designed in each session.

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CE mark points out guarantee of quality, safety and effectiveness.

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Mesohyal dermal filling

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Products, MDD 93/42/EEC for medical devices

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CE mark indicating that they are in compliance with the Directive of the Council of Europe. The CE mark ingredient guarantees a comprehensive quality assurance system and appropriate product design, production, marketing and distribution procedures. These methods are safe products that are suitable for their purpose as a result.

ISO 13485 2012

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Mesoestetic Pharma Group demonstrates compliance with the quality assurance system required by medical device directives ISO13485 2012

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Hyaluronic acid, a basic component of the skin

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This is a common and active ingredient in the entire product line.

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It is biotechnological, not animal and cross-linked.

It can hold its weight in water hundreds of times and compensate for the loss of natural hyaluronic acid. It also helps to support collagen and elastin fibers by restoring the density of thinner areas and supporting cells.

mesohyal dermal filling

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It combines products with known therapeutic agents such as hyaluronic acid vitamins, natural extracts, coenzymes, amino acids, mineral salts, etc. They are highly tolerable, biocompatible, completely absorbed and naturally integrated into the skin.

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