Nevus Treatment

Nevus is generally known as benign tumors that can occur congenitally or later in a women, men and even newborn children, i.e. all humans. Nevus that appears in different shapes all over the body are often confused with skin cancer when not observed. Skin cancer known as Basal Cell Ca and Malignant Melanoma are the most common type of skin cancers. However, it is the least frequently encountered cancer type that is leading to death. For example, more than 1 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. To prevent from skin cancer in the outer layer of the skin, our advice is to eliminate the risk by removing the nevus that occur from birth or later.

We strongly recommend that nevuses be removed so that they do not get cancer or skin cancer. Treatments for this procedure are divided into 2 groups. It is considered in the form of surgery and non-surgical methods. Our advice to you will definitely be non-surgical applications.

The most recommended and applied method is laser procedure in which electrical energyconverted to heat energy with the device will not leave any mark in the removal process. However, it can only be applied in nevus that are not puffy from the skin.

Q-switch Nd-YAG laser (CURAS) and fractional CO2 lasers (FRAXis) devices are available in our clinic and application is applied to patients who are suitable with these devices.

RF (Radio Frequency) is a method that has increased rapidly in the field of health in recent years. It enables to convert electrical energy into radio waves. It is applied in the treatment of all superficial and fluffy nevus. In our clinic, there is a radiofrequency device with SECRET gold needle and application is applied to patients who are suitable with these devices.

Electrocautery (Evaporation) One of the most common methods we use is the device we call the electrocautery. The tip of the device destroys it when it touches it. It is applied until it reaches the level of the skin in the treatment performed gradually. It plays an important role especially in the treatment of blistered nevus from the skin.

Cryotherapy (Ice Cream) As mentioned above, one of the methods applied especially by skin specialists is Cryotherapy and one of the methods frequently used in nevus and wart treatments. It is also used in the treatment of blistered nevus on the skin. The applied chemical substance freezes nevus. When not paying attention, It can cause skin damage around nevus.

This is applied to all body parts.

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