Hot Laser Lipolysis

FRAXIS DUO Fraksiyonel CO2 Lazer & Mikro İğneli Fraksiyonel RF
Non – Invasive treatment
Cools skin surface, warms layer under skin
Uninterrupted stable energy
Visible result in one session

Apoptosis Mechanism

The 1060nm green diode creates movement within the molecules of the tissue exposed to the energy of the laser and then generates heat (between 42°C – 47°C). According to this process, the fat cells spontaneously disappear with heat energy and provide an apoptosis mechanism by gradually thinning through the current metabolism.

Hot Lipolysis is a “Non-surgical body forming device” that can be used in all body and skin types. The final point of body shaping technologies Hot Lipolysis is an easy, comfortable and 25-minute application.

With this treatment method, which is used effectively in the elimination of problems such as skin laxity and regional lipoidosis, effective results are obtained in areas where fat accumulates such as basen, abdomen, waist, as well as in areas with skin laxity such as face area and sub-jaw. In addition, arm-leg interiors, intra-thighs, knee, ankle and leg area are applied. It is an application that does not require anesthesia. It doesn’t reduce the quality of life.


  1. Select the target region for the procedure, abdomen, thighs, sides, etc.
  2. The 1060nm diode laser sends heating energy between 42°C – 47°C to the targeted subcutaneous oil layer and shocks that will provide only apoptosis of fat cells during the process, the superior contact cooling system protects the surface of the skin to prevent any damage.
  3. Fat cells fall into an apoptic extinction sequence and are gradually excreted from the body by natural metabolism.
  4. The thickness of the oil layer decreases in a few weeks – per month and patients reach the desired results.


Lazer diyot tipi Yüksek Güçlü Sürekli Dalga Lazer Diyotu Lazer diyot gücü 240 Max.  4x60W
Lazer çıkış aralığı 0.5 W/cm2 ̰ 14 W/cm2 (0.05 W / cm2 için) Spektrum 1060 nm
Atım süresi Çalışırken: 20 sn, Kapalıyken: 10 sn Atım tekrar oranı 0.03 Hz
Görüntü “10.1” HDMI LCD (B) “kasalı), 1280 x 800, IPS Ağırlık 85 Kg (Tam Paket)
Ölçüler 885 mm (W) x 865 mm (D) x 1350 mm(H) ((Tam paket) Güç Girişi 100-240V-, 50/60Hz, 2.3kVA Maks
Güç çıkışı TEC Modüllü Oto Kontrollü Su Soğutma Optik kılavuz Safir kristal
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