Jaw And Facial Fracture In Adult

Facial fractures are cases where one or more of the bones that make up the whole face are broken and displaced following home, work and traffic accidents. Sometimes facial fractures may occur even though there is no problem with the skin. However, fractures are usually associated with pathologies that damage the facial skin. When facial fractures occur, bleeding, swelling, sensory loss, tenderness and pain develop in the area where the problem occurs. Edema and swelling in the first days may not be fully evaluated as they hide the pathology under the skin. In this case, the underlying deformity and disfigurement comes to the fore with the decrease in edema over time

Facial fracture surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, fine incisions are made and the broken area is reached. Some of the incisions can be made through the mouth and some of them can be made over the face. Incisions made over the face are usually cut on the folds, hair edge, eyebrow edge or lower eyelid.

It is expected to have swelling, pain and tenderness in the region especially in the first days after surgeries. 3.-4 later than operation, the swelling begins to decrease. According to the characteristics of the technique used during the operation, what should be considered, controls are done. Impact should be avoided and should not be exposed to extreme heat.

This is applied to the chin and facial area.

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