Post-Bariatric Surgery

Fast foods, city life have led to an increase in obesity worldwide. Slimming is achieved by various surgical methods in the treatment of obesity. However, after excessive weight loss, sagging and relaxation occur. Surgical treatment of these sagging and relaxations is called ‘Post Bariatric Surgery’.

Post bariatric surgery, belt lipectomy, arm stretching, thigh and leg stretching, chest lifting can be handled in separate operations. Depending on the physical examination of the patient and the general condition, operations are performed in one or more sessions.

Belt Lipectomy surgery treats sagging in the back, hips, side and back waist area along with abdominal skin. In surgery, the tissues surrounding the waist are removed, the front of the abdomen and the back are stretched downwards, the tissues planned to be removed from the waist area are buried under the hips and volume is added. It is an operation that lasts approximately 4 hours under general anesthesia. After surgery, patients are hospitalized for 3 days and the patient can meet their needs in the early stages. He must use bandages for 3 weeks.Scars associated with the incision in the waist are hidden under clothes.

In thigh lifting surgery, sagging to the sides and downwards of the thigh skin is treated. This operation can be combined with liposuction to thin the legs. In the operation, which lasts for 3 hours under general anesthesia, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed with incisions extending along the groin line. After surgery, the patient stays in the hospital for 2 days. When he leaves the hospital, he should use a tights-shaped corset for 4-6 weeks.

Arm stretching surgery is a process in which the sagging on the arms is corrected. It can be combined with liposuction. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.Excess skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed with incisions extending along the inner side of the arm and along the armpit line. One day in the hospital is enough. It is recommended to use armband-style corsets extending from shoulder to elbow for 4 to 6 weeks after discharge.


This application is especially applied to the skin, back, buttocks and waist areas.

In men, breast implants can be used as a result of volume loss in female patients while sagging in the chest area is corrected. Chest surgeries can be planned together with armpits, back and arms

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