Eyebrow Contouring

Eyebrow Contouring is one of the most important places on the face for the expression of eyebrows and mimics. On looking at a person’s eyebrows, emotive meanings can be inferred that they are getting angry easily, happy, angry or upset. So eyebrows can be regarded as one form of self expression. Every woman’s eyebrow shape is different. Color, lushness, shape or curve may be in different shape. In some cases, eyebrows may be somewhat less clear or may appear very rare. In such a case, as a savior, eyebrow contouring, which is one of the natural and permanent makeup methods, is applied.

First of all, eyebrow contouring, which is the process of making it suitable for facial conformity and turning eyebrows into the desired shape is not a method that can be applied alone at home. Eyebrow contouring should be applied by an expert person, with a minimum of 2 years in a sustainable manner .

This is applied to the eyebrow area.

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