Eye lid Aesthetic(Blefaroplasty)

Eyelid aesthetics are operations to restore eyelids, whose main purpose is protection, but which suffers from both aesthetic and health problems due to eyelid lowness over time. The saggy upper eyelid, which distorts the patient’s view, is taken away, eye bags that make the patient look more tired, older and less unhealthily are removed, eyebrows are raised up, fat injection is performed on the area that causes depression over time between the cheek and under the eyes. In short, we look at eyelid aesthetics as a whole and try to solve possible problems in the eye area.

Eyelid aesthetics is a frequent operation in our country because we are a culturally emotional, exciting nation that uses facial expression too much. The eye and its surroundings, with their structure consisting of thin and very sensitive leather, succumb to all these characteristics and begin to wear out prematurely. Our patients who come to our clinics with low eyelids talk about how this dangling structure disrupts the angle of view and they have to pull the skin up to see it

They also report that although not sad or unhappy, because of low eyelids, they seem to be joyless and energyless and they come to correct this loss of form due to aging with eyelid aesthetics.

Moreover, the problems of not being able to make up are also on the agenda of our female patients who want to undergo eyelid surgery. Deformities in this area cause the psychology of most patients to deteriorate and, although middle-aged, resent life and distance themselves from their social environment.

When we think about all these problems, performing eyelid aesthetics for the patient means giving the patient a life and social life.

Blepharoplasty surgery is an operation that lasts approximately 1 hour under local anesthesia. After this operation, our patients need to apply ice for the first 24 hours. On a following hungry day, hot compresses are applied to reduce edema. It is recommended that the patient not wet his eyelids until the stitches are removed. Stitches are removed 1 week after the operation. It takes approximately 1 month for the edema to pass completely.

Recently, increased interest in non-surgical methods has also forced scientists to turn to non-surgical methods.

We perform non-surgical eyelid aesthetics in 3 stages using laser. First, we enter the low eyebrow with microtools through the hairy area just above the forehead area and hang the eyebrow upwards with the ropes placed. In this way, the weight on the eye circumference disappears and wrinkles, sagging and lowness are improved.Since the non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, which last an average of 15 minutes with local anesthesia, are an incisional procedure, dressing or possible surgery does not contain risks and complications. The patient can immediately return to his social life. This rope we use is a permanent medical apparatus for life, compatible with the tissue.

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery, due to the sensitivity of the region, is the most difficult in the world and the patient is a region that presents a lot of difficulty in terms of healing process. Since there is lymph tissue in this area extending along the bottom of the lower eyelash, recovery is expected between 3 weeks and 3 months if he undergoes surgery. It is also one of the areas with the highest complication rate. Any problem that may occur is very difficult to correct and involves risks that will not be able to be restored.That’s why in these operations, known as under-eye bags or lower eyelid aesthetics, we have been treated with a 5-millimeter point micro-procedure just below the lower eyelashes to avoid taking the risks we have just assumed and not causing problems to the patient. we’re taking the fat cushion that causes it to be bagged.

In laser eyelid aesthetics, we use the laser to remove the saggy skin tissue, which is too much, starting from the eyelash base in the lower eyelid and from the oval line formed when we open the eye on the upper eyelid. In a sense, we vaporize the excess skin tissue there. After this procedure, which is applied without any incision marks, we apply fat transfer on the collapse caused by the cheeks that fall down due to gravity, causing the lower eyelid to be separated from the cheek. After all these procedures, the patient recovers in 3-4 days and starts looking at the world again from a young perspective.

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