Hair transplantation is the process of removing healthy and strong roots from the donor area and moving them to the less populated area. With FUE method, people who was not able to have hair transplantation can now have hair transplanted. This method is the removal of hair follicles individually from nape area or other parts of the body with very thin ponchos of 0.8-1mm attached to the micromotor tip. The most important difference from FUT technique is that there are no stitches, scars, pain in the area where the hair follicles are removed and the recovery is very fast. It is the process of placing the hair follicles individually in the opening channels with microsurgical instruments.

-The upper part of the nape and the hair on the ear are used.

-Performed under local anesthesia, does not require surgical procedures.

-Thanks to Micromotor method they are removed from the scalp one by one with punches slightly smaller than 1 mm.

-The process is carried out according to the natural output angle and direction of the hair.

-The size of the grafts used should be in compatible with the natural output of the hair. Thus, the resulting hair will also look natural

-No incision or no stitches scars, no risk of scarring.

This is applied to the hair area.

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