Diode Laser

Laser hair removal has been one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures for permanent removal of undesirable hair. In addition to high demand, innovations in laser technology have led to the development of newer laser systems. Diode is one of the most suitable options for laser photoepiling systems.

Diodes transmit current in one direction and block it in the other direction. Various diodes with this feature work in a wide range of technical applications. Some semiconductor diodes emit light when stimulated by electricity. (Light emitting diodes LED). In the same way, lasers can be obtained from diodes, such as light.

Diode lasers are widely used hair removal lasers in the world. Diode lasers have different technical features than other lasers. One of the technical differences is that diode laser can go deeper into the skin than alexandrite laser. This depth allows you to reach the deepest hair follicles. Such a shallow depth corresponds to a great depth in the skin. That’s why it’s important. The skin is thicker in areas such as the back. Laser as it is known, it provides hair removal by affecting hair roots. If the laser does not reach the hair roots sufficiently, its effect remains limited. The expected hair removal success cannot be achieved.

Diode laser can also provide effective hair removal in deep areas. This situation provides an advantage especially in the process of hair removal on men’s back, shoulder and face. Another feature of the diode laser is that it is kept less by melanin. In fact this is undesirable for hair root activity. This provides an advantage in people with dark skin colour. Thanks to this feature, diode laser can also be used on dark skin where alexandrite laser cannot be applied. One of the best lasers for dark skin is diode laser. Diode laser hair removal is also successful in thin hairs.

Diode hair removal is also a highly effective laser for thick hairs in all body parts. We can say that the diode laser is a success in every region, including the genitals.

This is applied to the entire body area.

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