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Melanogenesis is the combined process of physical, biochemical and morphological skin factors to protect itself against the effect of sun rays. Photo protection, which acts as a barrier, is a cell located in the basal layer of epidermis, the production of melanin occurs in melanocytes.

Melanin, a color pigment, is produced by cells called \”melanocytes\” that settle on the skin. In some cases, the production of melanin exceeds normal, causing irregular and over-coloring (hyperpigmentation) on the skin.

Due to excessive exposure to the sun, this condition can take years due to increased pigmentation in summer.

North American dermatologist Dr. T. Fitzpatrick classified skin types according to the amount and type of melanin produced. This is the reference used worldwide.

Cosmelan-Dermamelan is an effective method against skin pigmentation. Melasma, also known as chloasma and pregnancy mask, is a pronounced hyperpigmentation condition that is common as irregular spots and spots in the forearms and on the forearms.

The exact cause of skin pigmentation is unknown. But among the reasons are multiple factors:

Genetic Trend
UV Beams
Birth Control Pill Use
Cosmetic Products
Estrogen and Perhaps Progestron can also cause skin pigmentation.

The most important of these factors is the genetic tendency and exposure to UV.

U.V. rays from the sun, and even very strong lights from light bulbs, can also stimulate pigment-producing cells or melanocytes in the skin. People with dark skin have more active melanocytes than those with light skin. Under normal circumstances, these melanocytes produce a large amount of pigment. However, this production increases when triggered by an increase in the level of the reproducing hormone or the effect of light.

Types of melasma?
Epidermic Melasma:

If hyperpigmentation increases with wood lamp

Dermik Melasma:

If there is a decrease or no change in coloration

Mixed Melasma:

In some areas, in case of increase in some areas, there is a decrease

Uncertain Melasma:
If hyperpigmentation is destroyed by wood lamp (patients of V or VI skin type) Melasma is quite common and can be diagnosed with a simple skin examination or wood lamp in most patients as it is seen easily on the face.

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