Prominent Ear

The most common disfigurement in the ear is commonly referred to as the “PROMINENT EAR”. Because of the weakness of the ear cartilage, the folds in the ear are not sufficient, so the ear lobe that is curved more than ever is called “PROMINENT EAR”. The fact that the ears are far from the back of the ear at an angle greater than the bone is usually the main reason. Prominent Ear Correction is a plastic surgery that is in high demand in male patients. This is because women can easily hide their ears with their hair, but men can’t hide it because of their short hair. In such cases, it is possible to create a new ear lobe by taking cartilage from other parts of the body with a series of surgeries. These are cases where the shape of the ear lobe is different from normal appearance, which is corrected surgically.

The PROMINENT EAR is a congenital disorder that passes down genetically. It is not due to a specific reason. It is not a symptom of any discomfort or disease. Sometimes the newborn may not have one or two ears abnormally. Another theory is that the estrogen hormone circulating in the blood causes the ear cartilage to be soft, which turns into an prominent ear immediately after birth with the pulling of the muscles in front of the ear.

PROMINENT EAR is the biggest nightmare for school-aged children, boys or girls. Because they are getting ridiculed by their friends at school, which have a significant impact on their school achievements and social relationships. They have trouble getting into school. In the future, it can sometimes even cause serious psychological problems that are irreparable. The best treatment is to apply an elastic bandage to the ears continuously 2-3 weeks after birth. The result is usually successful and there is no need for surgery in the future. In children who have missed this opportunity, the best treatment time is to be surgically corrected before starting primary school, i.e. at the age of 6. So, they’ll be treated without being ridiculed. Since the ears have completed their development at the age of 4-5, there is no harm in having surgery at the age of 6. According to personal circumstances and the family’s preference, surgery can be performed in later years, but pre-school surgery should be preferred because it eliminates the possibility of being ridiculed by the child’s friends for their ears. It can be done at any age from the age of 5 onwards.

In adults, Prominent Ear Correction can be performed easily and there is no harm. In our society, patients who are not treated in childhood due to socioeconomic reasons undergo surgery in the future when they become adults and have their own financial resources.

Prominent Ear Correctionseriously changes the appearance of the person by allowing the ears to return to their normal place. This will positively affect one’s family and social relationships when it increases one’s self-esteem.

Prominent Ear Correctionis not an intervention that carries serious risks. It is an extremely simple and easy operation. Depending on the age of the patient, it can be done under local or general anesthesia. It can be done in hospitals or clinics. It is a daily surgical procedure that does not require hospitalization. It is done in front of the ear or behind the ear according to the surgeon’s preference. The ear cartilage is reshaped and the ear is placed backwards. The operation takes 45-90 minutes depending on the surgery. After surgery, an earband should be worn for 1-2 weeks. The incisions usually remain in the fold behind the ear, so there is no visible trace. It doesn’t affect hearing. recovery is completed within 1-2 weeks. The patient whose ear appearance improves is also psychologically relieved.

We perform our operations with the ‘CONSOLIVE TECHNIQUE OTOPLASTY’ Method developed by us in the field of ear prominence correction and accepted in the journal of aesthetic surgery.

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