Diabetic Wound

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as“Diabetes”, is a chronic disease in which blood sugar remains high due to deficiency in the hormone insulin or the disorder under the influence of this hormone. This disease occurs in one in 14 people in our country. The disease can cause negative consequences such as eye, kidneys, loss of sense in human beings. Another problem caused by this disease is defined as “diabetic foot” and it is seen as wounds on the feet of diabetics that are difficult to heal. In diabetic patients, a small foot wound due to susceptibility to infection can easily become inflamed and “Diabetic Foot Infection” may occur.

In diabetic patients, there is an increased risk of disfigurement and wounds in the feet due to the negative effects of diabetes on nerve, vascular structure and immune system in the long term. Diabetic patients are most hospitalised due to wounds on the feet. Treatment of these wounds can take weeks or even months.

In the treatment of diabetic foot wounds, the patient; It should be evaluated by a team of doctors experienced in Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine and Infectious Diseases. Appropriate antibiotic treatment should be initiated as outpatient treatment in case of infection. The so-called “dead tissue” in the wound area should be removed from the wound area by surgical methods. Regular dressing of the wound area should be done. Appropriate diet and insulin treatment should be arranged in order to bring blood sugar of the patients back on track. In addition, orthopedic measures should be taken to prevent compression because pressure will delay healing.


This application is applied to the foot area.

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