Hair Simulation

Hair Simulation is a non-surgical alopecia hair loss treatment. In this method, real hair roots and hair structures are imitated and epidermal micropigmentation is applied to areas which suffer baldness with the help of special devices.

Hair simulation is not a surgical method, cosmetically permanent camouflage procedure. In fact, it is a kind of similar application to Permanent Makeup that women have made on their eyebrows. However, the paints and devices used are different.

A slight swelling may occur in your scalp for 1-2 days after hair simulation. Crusting and spills may occur in application areas within 1 week. These shells should definitely not be removed. It is inconvenient to stay directly under the sun or enter the solarium for 4 weeks after application. It is advisable to wear a hat if you are to be under the sun.

Hair simulation has an average of 3 years persistence.This varies according to the type of scalp skin structure of the person.

This is applied to the hair area.