PRP Face Application

What is PRP Face Application
Platelet Rich Plasma: the abbreviated name of the application called platelet-enriched plasma application. This application is based on the separation of an average amount of 10 cc of blood from the person into a special tube and then parsed into its components after being subjected to centrifuge process and the return of the platelet-rich plasma from the obtained platelet by injection to the same person. Gets.

What are the steps for the applications ?

One or two tubes (16-23 ml) of blood are taken according to the application area, and platelets are separated by centrifugal. It is drawn from the parsed platelets to the rich plasma injector and applied to the skin in the form of mesotherapy, which occurs a few weeks after applying the skin’s exhilarating and rejuvenating effect. Preparation and implementation is a short process that takes 15-20 minutes.
PRP application is done in the form of microinjections applied into the skin. Another feeling of pain is not expected from a mild discomfort during the application with blood removal and microinjection. Mesotherapy application with PRP is mostly done into the skin.
Immediately after the application, a revival occurs on the skin in the early period, but 3 or 4 applications are required with 2 weeks to see the ideal results. After these applications ( i.e. after 1 cure is applied ), a lasting effect becomes apparent.
Cures consisting of 3 or 4 applications provide an improvement in the skin. However, for the continuity of the recovery obtained, curing treatment should be repeated every 12-18 months. This allows for a more lasting effect.

What are the areas for the applications ?

This application is applied to the face, neck and decolletage area.

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