Lip Contour

Permanent lip contour is a permanent makeup application that can be applied by colouring outer lip frame or completely inner lip. Depending on the person’s preference, he can only contour his lips or contour lips and lip coloration at a time. In the application of contouring lip alone, concentration is on lip contouring, but in the case of performing both together the main concern is that the lips look plumper and well-groomed.

After the age of 20, discoloration begins on the lips. Therefore, anyone who wants their lips to look more bright and shiny can contour his/her lip. Those, who experience visual deterioration for genetic or health reasons on their lips, also prefer this application

If your lips look pale, if you grow out cold sore; If your lip line has herpes scars and color loss, lip contouring and coloring applications produce very effective results.

All permanent make-up applications are made using local anesthetic cream. In this way, the person does not feel any pain during the application.

This is applied to the lip area.

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