Silhouette Soft

What is Silhouette Soft ?
They are polylactic acid threads used in face rejuvenation without surgery. What makes these stitches effective and privileged are the cones that can act as hangers by holding on to the skin. When the ropes are placed under the skin, thanks to the 8-12-16 cones on it, it clings to the skin and acts as a hanger in the form of an anchor. Silüet soft threads remain under the skin for a long time, while showing their effectiveness, they melt over time and disappear completely. During this melting, the collagen regeneration that it forms on the skin creates renewal in the skin and causes the vine effect to increase day by day.

What are the steps for the applications ?

Thanks to the cones it contains, it provides an effective suspension by grasping the subcutaneous tissue at an angle of 360 degrees. Other serrated or thorn stitches have less ability to grip the skin. For this reason, the effects last for a very short time compared to the sultan. It stimulates collagen regeneration around all cones in the silhouette system and provides a strong suspension while also increasing skin quality. In other ropes, approximately 50 ropes should be placed in one half of the face, while 2-3 silhouette soft ropes to be applied on one side of the face are sufficient. This makes both swelling and pain less common. It is not a case in the silhouette soft system that the rope on other ropes shows undesirable effects by going to another area under the skin. Silhouette stitches produced from polylactic acid have a much longer life than other stitches. Therefore, its effectiveness is longer. Most importantly, Silüet soft system is a method of treating sags that have been FDA approved. Other thread lifts do not have FDA approval.

Cold application will be useful after application. Especially stretching and excessive facial movements should be avoided for a while. It should not lie on the face for 1-2 weeks and face rub should be avoided. Makeup can be applied after the procedure. Bathing can be done the same day.

Things to consider after the application
It is highly recommended to apply antibiotic cream to the needle entry and exit points twice a day for 5 days.
Drugs containing Paracetamol are taken as a painkiller with the advice of a doctor.
Use double pillows for 5-10 days and do not lie face down.
Take care to wash and dry your face slowly and gently for 5-10 days.
Do not shave for 5-10 days.
You can take a shower and make up after 24 hours.
You need to be protected from sunlight for 2 weeks and solarium is not used.
Avoid facial and neck massages and facial and neck aesthetic treatments for 4 weeks
Do not do heavy sports for 2 weeks (running, weight, pilates, etc.)
Turkish bath – sauna is not used for 3 weeks.
It is not recommended to go to the dentist for 3 weeks (unless there is an emergency).
Avoid excessive facial and neck movements for 2 weeks (chewing gum, eating apples, etc.)
Do not have massage, waxing, skin care for 1 month
Koni technology
Absorbable cones.
Strong stabilization of the 360º surface subcutaneous tissue to withstand suspension pull.
The fibrous reaction around the cones creates a solid support on the soft tissue.
So far, more than 130,000 Silhoutte Soft® treatments have been performed in 64 countries.
More than 60,000 Silhoutte Lift® have achieved successful results in aesthetic & restructuring.
Very low complication rate.
Two-way ip
4, 6 or 8 cone scours in each half
Completely absorbable
Minimum level of invasive
Local Anesthesia application
The ropes are made of 100%Poly-Lactic Acid (PLLA).
Cones are made of Poly-lactic acid (82%), and glycolic polymer (18%).
PLLA has been used in medical devices and implants for years.
Compared to other substances frequently used in rope production, plla’s decay rate is quite low, so its benefits are longer-term.

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